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We provide health, insurance and security to the institutions that are responsible for everyone’s health and security. our purpose is to create a smooth working conditions for the hospitals from every aspect.

A company needs a good working environment to work with total dedication that is where we step in.

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Our Mission

We want to make a visible improvement in the hospitals, and health systems so that the patient care is totally concentrated upon.


If we closely look at the situation nowadays we can clearly see that it is a circle in which everything depends and effects one another in one way or the other like in a food chain where one species of animal depends on other to survive and coexist, likewise our system of economy also co relates there with each other there is definitely a cordial approach to it. Nowadays when you go for a health treatment be it for anything it costs a lot. and effects your pocket which is why in most of the cases people try to avoid medical treatment and sometimes it costs a lot more when treated later. also due to this many people who cannot afford treatment which is why they are compelled to lead a sick life which in the end ultimately effects the health centres because without money and payments they also find it difficult to maintain the same level of facilities. in short everything gets effected and without the new technologies and machines situations gets even more worse.

We try to make sure this never happens because our team of professionals creates a situation where both the things can coexist without a problem. we make a report according to our clients where they can maintain their treatment standards and also lower the treatment costs so that more people could avail this facility. we have divided our team into departments that take care of their visions and hence a healthy environment is created.


About Us

Our Vision
"Our vision is to have hospitals that would be available for every citizen be it of any class. We have always tried to maintain our standards by providing our clients with health insurance related information in a whole with nothing left that is untold or unsaid. "

Our Mission
"We believe in absolute transperancy towards our clients so that they are comfortable enough to talk about their wants ."

Our Network

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    Medi Consultants has a strong network of over 9000 providers across country that include speciality care and tertiary care facilities.

    we can customise the hospital network with respect to insurer and large corporate. It is our earnest approach to capture the maximum information of these hospitals including their tariffs, discounts and....


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Medi Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
216, Best Arcade Center,
Plot No.3, Pocket 6, Sec-12,
Dwarka, New Delhi 78
Phone:   011-45038610
Email: corpoffice@medicongroupindia.com
Link: http://medicongroupindia.com/

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